Unexplained Bruising: Should I be Worried?

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Recently, I have encountered a person who has bruises in different parts of his body as if he was beaten by several people. I could just imagine how painful those bruises are especially that I also have experienced having bruises in the past as a result of petty accidents. But when I asked the person, I was surprised to know that he was already used to having those bruises from time to time. And he told me I was not the only one who got curious about them.

Bruising is very common among children. They normally get it when they play or accidentally bump into something. But I am not really aware about unexplained bruising among adults and even children. So I started to research more about unexplained bruising and its possible implications to the overall health of a person.

What causes unexplained bruising(www.unexplainedbruising.net)?

Bruising happens when tiny blood vessels in the skin are ruptured due to contact with a hard object. Once ruptures, blood coming from the ruptured blood vessels will then flow and accumulate under the skin. This accumulation will cause the skin to turn darker in color. And this is what we know as bruises.

There are many factors behind unexplained bruising in adults. If a person is into any sport that involves physical contact such as rugby or softball, bruising is quite common and it oftentimes goes unnoticed by the person who has it. Some people also get bruises during accidents like when a hard object hits a certain part of their body.

One of the least common causes of unexplained bruising is aging. As a person gets old, the blood vessels walls also become weaker and thinner. The fatty tissues that serve as a padding are also slowly disappearing. This makes a person more prone to bruising.

Moreover, unexplained bruising can also be an indication of a serious disease or health disorder. One of them is leukemia. A person with leukemia can have more bruises when he is hit with the same amount force in the same part of the body compared to a person who has no leukemia. This is because of the inability to the blood to coagulate or clot immediately resulting in more blood escaping from their blood vessels, forming a bruise.

Another possible disorder which is more common among children is the lack of vitamins K and C. But this disorder can be remedied by taking in more of these vitamins through supplements.

Should you be worried?

Unexplained bruising is not something you should be worried about if you are physically involved in sports and other activities where you may accidentally hurt some areas of your body, you can read more about it at www.unexplainedbruising.net. But if your bruising just occurred recently without a reason, it would be good to see your doctor immediately so that your health condition can be checked. You cannot let this condition go without a doctor’s attention. Your doctor can properly diagnose your condition and also recommend appropriate treatment.