Tips in Choosing Coloring Pages

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Have you ever thought of giving your kids or other kids gifts other than toys for a change? I did, for many times. And my instinct is often right. We are easy to assume that kids love toys. That is why we commonly give them toys during their birthdays or other special occasions. But many kids are also interested in other things aside from toys. For instance, my children just love their coloring pages and sometimes will spend hours coloring rather than playing with their toys. There are also older kids who prefer to read, play on their tablet, or do outdoor activities such as biking than spend time playing with plastic toys.

Coloring pages is one of the best alternatives for toys. Most of them are affordable and offer a wide range of benefits to children. Children who were introduced to coloring pages at a young age tend to do better in identifying complex colors than other children who were not. They also become more artistic as they learn to combine different colors in one object or combine colors to come up with another different color. They will also learn how to properly color different objects based on their real color. For instance, children can learn to color apples red even without somebody instructing them. They simple use their own observation and apply them as they color objects. Moreover, as children get involved in more complex coloring materials like coloring pages with story lines, they will also be able to sharpen their imagination and will learn to tell stories by merely looking at the pictures.

With the long list of benefits when you introduce coloring pages to children, it is no surprise that many publishers take advantage of these products and make good business out of them. In fact, there are hundreds of coloring designs available. Among the popular ones are the Disney’s Frozen coloring pages, Disney cartoon characters, Disney princesses, super heroes, fairy tales, and My Little Pony coloring pages. Each type of coloring pages appeals to a certain age group or gender. When giving coloring pages to your child or other children, there are important considerations that can help you make the right choice.

One important consideration is the age of the recipient. For toddlers or children who are three years old and below, it is best to give them coloring pages about shapes and basic objects. These coloring pages normally have bigger drawings to make it easier for younger children to color inside the lines. At the same time, these kinds of drawings can help them identify shapes like rectangle, square, heart and others. Normally, these coloring pages are suitable for both boys and girls. For older children, it is important to consider the gender. Girls like to color princesses and fairy tales, while boys like to color martial arts figures or prefer super hero coloring pages. Additionally, it will also help you in choosing if you know the particular interest of a child. For example, there are also girls who prefer super heroes than princesses.

Coloring pages are a great gift for children. But not all children may like to receive them as a gift. So before giving, know first if the recipient is interested to color or not. Otherwise, your money will not be well spent.