Simple Tips to Prevent Hip Flexor Pain

Talk about us.

My husband and I normally spend several hours a week to exercise. It helps us stay fit and physically active. However, lately, I notice that my stamina is no longer as good as before. My husband immediately jokingly concluded that it is maybe a sign that I am already getting older.

I am aware that as we get older, we become easily tired and more prone to various diseases, pains and bone problems. And one problem that I know in particular is the hip flexor pain which can be caused by osteoporosis or osteoarthritis or hip fractures. But this problem is also common among younger athletes as a result of falling, heavy impact, or too much strain in the hip area. Both men and women can be affected by this condition.

hip painThe hip flexor muscles are a group of muscles responsible for bending your trunk and legs. Any strain or pain in these muscles may cause difficulty in movement especially walking. Personally, I will do my best to really avoid experiencing this problem. I have a neighbor in his late fifties who underwent an anterior hip replacement several years ago as a result of a severe pain in in hip muscles. He strictly observed anterior hip precautions for several months and his movements were very limited. I cannot imagine myself being into that situation.

So how do you avoid straining your hip flexor muscles?

There is this book that I read that recommends several tips to avoid pain in the hip flexors. One of its recommendations is to avoid doing activities that can overwork the hip flexors. For instance, doing crunches while your legs are raised or when you are performing hanging leg raises can strain the hip flexors without you knowing it. If you already feel a burning sensation in your upper legs, you should stop immediately what you are doing.

Before walking, running or sprinting, it is also important to stretch your hip flexors first before your formal exercise. And while doing these exercises, if you already feel that your upper front legs are already tightening up or feel like burning, rest for a while first before proceeding again. Sometimes we tend to neglect the importance of warm up exercises especially if we are just going for a walk or short run. But they will prove beneficial to avoid a strain in the hip flexors.

It is also worth noting that another cause of pain in the hip flexor is hip fractures which are commonly caused by accidents like falling. So avoid doing activities that can compromise your safety. Or just be careful if you have to do something which involves climbing up a ladder or a chair.

Also, if you have existing condition like osteoarthritis or osteoporosis, you may ask your doctor how you could lower your risk of getting painful hip flexors.

Whether you are young or old, there are certain factors that can put us at risk of hip flexor strain or pain. But we can also avoid them if we observe some of the tips I mentioned here.