Secret Yoga

Talk about us.

Two days ago I came home to a totally quite house. The children were out to a party at a nearby friend’s house whose kid is having a birthday that day. I too will go but I had to freshen up a little before going. But what got me quite interested was that my loving husband is nowhere to be found. I let that pass as maybe he’s out somewhere buying stuff and I am also already an hour late for the party, so off I went.

Yesterday again when I came back from the gym, the house was also quite. The children were in their rooms, busy with their computers, laptops, gadgets, or whatever, and again my husband was nowhere to be found. I asked the kids if they know where their dad was but all I got was some blank stares, like as if they are covering something up.

I knew it, something is really up and the kids are part of it somehow. But before I can ask them again what is going on, my husband suddenly was behind me all sweaty and asking me what’s for dinner. And before I managed to ask him what is going on, he told me that he was taking a bath that instant.

I just rolled my eyes and proceeded to the kitchen to fix something up. I just reminded myself to ask my husband again later that night about what’s going on and stuff. But that apparently was not to be. I was really tired yesterday so I slept as soon as my back touched the mattress, so that was that.

Earlier today I remembered. I told myself to go home earlier to catch whatever it is that they are doing and if it is something crazy then they are going to hear from me big time.

I signed off the gym an hour earlier than usual and went directly home, not stopping by the grocery and not doing any errands. I parked my car three houses away from ours so that they could not hear me coming and I stealthily opened the backdoor as it was the one door in our house that did not creak.

I saw it alright. I saw my husband trying mightily hard to go into an Indian style sitting position but his belly has other plans in mind. I also saw sitting at the coffee table an item labeled “The Best Yoga DVD” and apparently he was watching it. I saw an opportunity to rib him about it and I took it.

I shouted at the top of my lungs and barged myself inside the room. Now if only you could have seen the look on his face that moment then I’m sure you too will roll on the floor laughing like I did. His mouth totally agape and his face color went from normal, to pasty white, to red in a very short span of time. I didn’t hear any of his explanations about it as I just laughed and laughed. Got him!