Pros and Cons of Raising Boxer Pitbull as a Family Pet

Talk about us.

My family is considering raising a dog but we are not in agreement on what breed to choose. The children definitely like smaller and pure breeds like a Maltese or Pomeranian. My husband and I are more practical. We want more than just a lap dog. We want a guard dog that is also good with children.

It is really hard to decide which type of dog to have if you have a family. One of the most important considerations is if the dog and the children will blend together. I have heard or read of children being attacked by their pet dog when no one is looking. And as a parent, that is something I want to avoid.

When we were actively searching for a suitable pet dog, someone recommended to us the boxer pitbull mix, also know as Bullboxer Pit.  When I researched about it online, I have read both positive and negative reviews about this dog breed. If you are considering a Bullboxer Pit as a family pet, here are some pros and cons to consider:


  • Bullboxers Pits are intelligent dogs and quick learners. They can easily learn tricks if regularly trained.
  • They are powerful dogs and can be an ideal watchdog and protector of your home and family.
  • They are generally obedient dogs and will follow your command if trained by a human pack leader.
  • They like to be around people including children. They make a good family companion.
  • They are high-spirited and like to play.
  • They like to please their masters.
  • They can be easily trained with solid and gentle training practices.
  • They can live in apartment houses as long as they are regularly taken for a walk and have regular exercise.
  • They are easy to care for and groom. You don’t have to spend on regular professional grooming.
  • They also have no known serious health problems inherent to their breed.



  • Pitbulls are known for their aggressive behavior. Even when mixed, this trait may still come out in the offspring. But with proper training, you may be able to control this aggressive attitude.
  • When not properly trained, Bullboxer Pits may display behavioral problems like excessive barking and climbing.
  • They have the natural habit of chasing fleeing animals especially cats. So if you have cats at home, train your dog to socialize with other pets and to control this habit.
  • If not trained to socialize, Bullboxer Pits may be harmful to other pets, strangers, and even to your children. However, even if trained to socialize, you should never leave your dog with strangers especially children.

This list of pros and cons will point out to Bullboxer Pits being a suitable family watchdog and pet. They are ideal for families with yards and even those living in apartment houses. They generally have many positive traits such as being intelligent, powerful, and affectionate to their owners. However, if not properly trained, these dogs could also manifest behavioral problems.