What does a Neutropenic Diet Consist of?

A neutropenic diet may be needed if you have lower than normal levels of neutrophils. Neutrophils are a type of white blood cell. Neutropenic precautions may need to be taken if you are looking to reduce certain foods that contain high levels of bacteria.

People that have been diagnosed with certain types of cancers such as Leukemia may benefit a great deal from a neutropenic-type diet. A diet of this nature can actually help the person to recover more quickly from the disease.

A neutropenic diet can be quite simple if you are willing to follow a dietary chart. For example, while on a diet of this nature, you can eat a variety of dairy products including certain cheeses. It is permissible to eat Cheddar cheese and Swiss cheese while on a neutropenic diet. In addition, if you enjoy yogurt, you are in luck because yogurt and ice cream are permitted while following a neutropenic diet.

Neutropenic Precautions (with Chemo Therapy)

We have been told for decades that vegetables are good for you. Therefore, the neutropenic diet does permit nearly all vegetables as long as they are cooked or frozen. However, you may not eat any type of raw vegetable while following this diet.

Fruits can certainly be eaten as long as they are canned or frozen. Absolutely no raw fruit or nuts of any kind should be eaten. Raw fruits or nuts can cause harmful bacteria to enter your system, possibly causing more damage.

Nearly all breads, rolls and popcorn are permitted as part of this diet. In addition, you can enjoy pasta and rice as long as they are fully cooked.

A neutropenic diet does allow you to eat nearly all cooked or canned meats. Meats such as lamb and chicken are also permitted as part of this diet. In addition, shellfish and fully cooked fish may also be eaten.

Eggs are permitted as long as they are fully cooked. Absolutely no uncooked or raw eggs may be eaten due to the possible high levels of bacteria present. Keep in mind, bacteria can be extremely harmful to someone who has had a serious illness such as leukemia.

Finally, a neutropenic diet can be quite beneficial to anyone recovering from a serious illness such as cancer. The diet can actually help to strengthen the immune system and help you feel better. To make it easier, just keep in mind that you need to stay away from anything that is raw or under cooked.

What to Consider When Trying To Get Pregnant

Trying to get my first child was emotionally draining. We had been trying for months on end with no positive outcome. A visit to the doctor gave me some insight which allowed me to have 2 successful pregnancies.

Interestingly, my ex and I were perfectly healthy. However, it was all about the timing. I wasn’t keeping track of my monthly cycle and, as a result ill timed the days in which ovulation was likely to occur. However, with my doctor’s advice, I was able to get pregnant within a month after the doctors visit. For couples wishing to get pregnant, here are some of the things to consider.

Watch your health

Infertility is a common condition affecting both males and females. However, this can still be reversed if its cause isn’t hereditary. A change in lifestyle for example can reverse infertility. Visiting a doctor for a fertility checkup is a great way to ensure that your body’s are in perfect condition for baby making. Its also advisable to visit your doctor before trying to get pregnant if either partner is taking any prescription drugs or, has a health condition that might negatively affect the pregnancy.

I would advise that you eat healthy if you want to get pregnant. Taking lots of vitamins and minerals will help keep a healthy hormone balance which is necessary for pregnancy.

Another health aspect to keep track of is your weight. Studies indicate that body mass index plays a major role in women trying to get pregnant. If you consider yourself overweight and want to get pregnant, eating healthy and shedding off some weight will be necessary.

Birth control and pregnancy

To keep from getting pregnant, I used to take birth control pills. These simply alter your body’s hormonal balance making it hard to get pregnant. Something I discovered after getting off these pills to get pregnant is that it might take a couple of weeks and even months for your body to get the right hormonal balance that’s just right for pregnancy. If you’re on birth control pills, it’s advisable to consult a professional health practitioner for advice on when it’s best to ditch the pill. There are instances where complications can result from quitting birth control fast.

Keep track of your monthly cycle

Before getting pregnant with my first baby, I simply got off the birth control pills and thought pregnancy will come automatically. I had no idea that keeping track of my monthly cycle held the key to my first pregnancy. By tracking my cycle, I was able to figure out my ovulation dates and, eventually got pregnant.

Track implantation after fertilization

For a healthy pregnancy, the fertilized egg needs to attach itself onto the uterine walls. This happens between 6 and 12 days after fertilization. An implantation calculator is an effective tool that can be used to track your cycle, ovulation dates and possible implantation dates.

Getting pregnant requires that both partners are in perfect health to facilitate fertilization of the egg. It also requires that you keep track of your monthly cycle for perfect timing of fertilization.

Is It Possible to Have a Period While Pregnant?

For many women, menstruation can give frustration or relief depending on whether you and your partner are trying to conceive a baby or not. I know this based on personal experience. However, there are cases when after a series of positive pregnancy results, an expecting mom could suddenly experience bleeding which is more like a menstruation.

I have a friend who was planning some pregnancy announcement ideas because she was so excited to tell her family they were having a baby after five years of trying. But she was greatly dismayed when one day, she had bleeding which she thought was menstruation.

According to a medical article online, while it is possible for women to bleed during pregnancy, a period while pregnant is not possible. The bleeding could be caused by something else except menstruation.

There are various reasons why some women have blood discharges during pregnancy. Most of these reasons need immediate medical intervention. Some of the reasons include:

  • Implantation bleeding – The implantation of the fertilized egg to the uterus lining sometimes causes shedding to the lining which in return results to bleeding. The implantation bleeding may occur for a few days to a week before a women’s period is due. This type of bleeding is normally pink or light brown in color. It could be just spotting or it could also be like a light period.


  • Ectopic pregnancy – This is a more serious cause of bleeding during pregnancy and it requires medical attention as soon as possible. If you know you are pregnant but you are bleeding heavily just like having an ordinary period, you may have ectopic pregnancy. Other signs you should also note are abdominal pain on one side, nausea, dizziness, rectal pressure and shoulder pain.


  • Bleeding after stopping birth control – There are women who may also experience bleeding if they used to take birth control pills and then suddenly stop taking the pills after the first signs of pregnancy. The bleeding is caused by hormonal changes in the body. In this type of bleeding, it is normally irregular and is off and on for several days.


  • Miscarriage – It is estimated that up to 30 percent of the total pregnancies end up in a miscarriage. And spotting or bleeding is one of the first signs of miscarriage. If you are having a miscarriage, you will normally notice a light spotting followed by heavy bleeding. You should consult your doctor immediately if this happens. There may still be chances that you can continue your pregnancy despite the bleeding if you are able to have your condition checked immediately.


Based on my research, these are some of the reasons why women may bleed during pregnancy. It is not right to call it menstruation because it is caused by other factors. But regardless why you have bleeding, it is recommended to see your doctor immediately so that proper remedy or medical intervention can be done to save you and your baby.


Managing braces pain the easy way

Getting your braces tightened can mean a lot of pain every time. When I was young, I had braces and I used to dread the time when I had to go to the dentist to have them tightened. My teeth would hurt, my gums would ache and I used to get horrible mouth sores. At that time, my awareness level was not that great and I did not know what to do to ease the pain so I suffered a lot. When my eldest daughter from my first marriage, Jenny, decided to get braces, I warned her of the pain she would have to endure every time they were tightened. However, not getting braces was not an option and I am pretty certain my other girl Melanie will also need braces later on. Luckily, my two stepsons, my husband’s children from his first marriage, have perfect teeth and won’t have to go through this problem.

I took Jenny to the best orthodontic surgeon in Nevada and trust me getting braces can be expensive, especially if you happen to be living in Las Vegas. Luckily, both me and my husband make enough money so getting the braces wasn’t really a problem. Once Jen had her braces fixed, I knew exactly what we had in store. So I started researching the internet and read a lot about managing braces pain. I was surprised at the amount of material that was available online. After narrowing down the tips and suggestions that seemed most promising and simple, I encouraged my daughter to try them after every tightening session. The result was that her pain was reduced by almost half and she didn’t have to struggle with mouth sores like I did.

tooth painLast week a friend of mine was telling me how her daughter was going through the same thing and I shared some tooth pain relief tips. It got me thinking and I decided to write about it to help others out there who need advice on the issue. So here it is. Popsicles and icy cold drinks are a great way to relieve braces pain after a tightening session. Cold drinks numb the nerve endings around the teeth which makes the pain subside. However, this will only last for a short period of time so keep a supply of popsicles with you for the first couple of days. Flavored dental wax is great for coating your braces so that they don’t rub against the insides of your mouth and cause sores. Another important thing to remember is to eat soft food for a few days as chewing will be painful and food particles will get stuck in the braces. Moreover, a spoon or a fork can cause a lot of pain by just coming in contact with your teeth after a tightening session so be careful when eating food.

Lastly, painkillers can help relieve the pain in the first couple of days but make sure to check with the doctor if its ok to take them.

Home Remedies for Toddler Constipation and Diarrhea

As a parent, part of my experiences is dealing with the various health problems of my children. Some of them are less serious while others require a trip to the hospital. One of the health problems I have encountered has to do with toddler constipation. I also remember having one of my children experience diarrhea which resulted in dehydration. That was one of the worst experiences for me because we had to spend several days in the hospital. Diarrhea in toddlers is also as common as constipation.

Constipation and diarrhea can easily be treated at home. But without proper remedy, the situation can get out of hand and you may need to seek medical attention. To avoid this, as parents you should know how to detect and treat diarrhea and constipation on your small children.

A toddler who is suffering from constipation normally will have a bowel movement of just three times or less in a week. The stool is normally hard, large and dry and is accompanied by difficult and painful bowel movement. Sometimes, there is also blood in the stool. On the other hand, the signs of diarrhea are the exact opposite of constipation. Bowel movement is three or more times per day and the stool is loose and watery. It is also more pale and smelly than usual. Sometimes, it also comes with mild abdominal pain. However, diarrhea may result to dehydration which is a more serious health problem than diarrhea itself.

There are home remedies to both diarrhea and constipation in toddlers:


Constipation can be treated without letting your child drink any medication. Just let your child drink more fluid and take in more fibrous foods such as fruits, vegetables, cereals and whole grain products. Limit the intake of fatty foods and foods that are low in fiber because they can cause constipation. Also, encourage regular trips to the comfort room every day and not only when your child has the urge to do so. In worse cases, your doctor may recommend to take some medication to treat the constipation.


If the symptoms of diarrhea are just mild, no treatment is necessary. All you have to do is make some changes in your child’s drinking and eating habits. Diarrhea is common among toddlers who are on a low fat diet. Toddlers should have about 40 percent fat in their diet. That mean, you have to let them drink whole milk instead of skimmed milk. Include also other dairy products such as cheeses and yogurts. Also, increase your child’s water intake and limit juice consumption.

I can understand if parents will panic when they see their toddler having signs of constipation or diarrhea. That is completely normal because I experienced that myself with my children. It could give parents some relief to know that these problems are just normal among toddlers and children. And if you know their signs and symptoms, you will be able to administer the remedies needed and prevent the condition of your child from getting worse.


On the Beach and in Pain

I have regularly done walks along the shores of our local beach, trying to pick up all the trash I can manage to carry. I don’t know why people can’t seem to do simple things, such as putting their waste into their proper places. Maybe because of indifference, maybe because they thought it would not affect them in any manner, or maybe, just plain laziness on their part.

I started doing this thing since I saw a documentary, about the effects of man-made wastes to the oceans and the life in it. I was moved by the images revealed in the hour long shockumentary.  Scenes of deformed turtle shells because they unluckily got stuck on a six-pack wrapper when they were still young, skeletons of gulls full of bottle caps and candy foil wrappers, sea lion flippers stuck on soda cans, and many more heart breaking sights. After watching, I decided, that I’ll do my part in my own little way in helping save the environment. I started picking up trash along the beach.

It has been that way since two months ago, but today was different. As I bent down to pick a discarded soda bottle, my right chest ached. And when I got up, it felt numb inside. I dismissed it, thinking of it as just the result of improper body position when I picked up the trash. I continued my work and several moments passed of it not hurting, then it struck again, this time when I was only standing and doing nothing. I got confused and worried. I tried to remember what I ate or what I did to make me feel this way. I don’t remember getting sick lately, and the last time I was close to getting sick, was last year, during our annual checkup where my GP said I had fatty liver.  I felt nothing then, so I dismissed it and that was the end of it. I know I’m fit today and feeling well. But why am I feeling this way and why only now?

Exercise has been a staple in my everyday routine. Ever since I was young, I have been a fitness enthusiast. Walking about two miles a day, going to the gym, and joining marathons and fun-run’s whenever they were available. I always keep busy wherever I am, moving around constantly, always working up a sweat. Maybe it’s just my mind’s defensive mechanism at work, because you see, I like to eat, and eat a lot, especially junk food and fast food. Maybe I’m just overcompensating for it with all the exercise.

Or maybe, just maybe, it was the large meal I had before going to the beach. I knew it was trouble, midway to the meal, as I wolfed down a large, fatty steak with burger on the side. Coupled with a hefty serving of a bucket of deep fried fries, it was a meal to be reckoned with, and delicious too, if you may ask. It kinda dawned on me and only now do I realize the effect of fat and all that grease to my liver.

Yes, that may be it. And the trouble that I am having now is in the general location of it. So the pain I must have felt, must really be, liver pain. The GP will have a laugh at me with this one and I’ll never hear the end of it. But I’ll make sure to set up an appointment with him later. Hopefully, it will be just my fatty liver and nothing else more serious.


What Makes Pomsky a Great Pet

Have you seen a Pomsky before? It can look like a miniature Husky or a stuffed toy Husky. Without a doubt, Pomskies are among the cutest breed of dogs.

One of the dog breeds that are becoming increasingly popular is the Pomsky. Pomsky is a Husky Pomeranian mix. Pomskies are considered to be a designer breed. They are normally a product of parents that are both 50 percent purebred, but it is also common to find Pomsky from multi-generation crosses. Pomskies have distinct characteristics that make them appealing to dog lovers.

If you have not seen a Pomsky before but are interested to own one, it will be helpful to do your own research first and find out some basic information about this breed of dog before deciding to buy or own one.

Appearance. Pomskies are small- to medium-sized dogs and can weigh up to 25 pounds. Their height and coat can greatly vary depending on their parents. Ideally, Pomskies should have an average length with soft and fluffy coat and a full undercoat. Common coat colors are cream, red, brown, black and gray with solid, parti or sable husky marking. Their eyes could be green, brown hazel or amber in color, while bi-eyed Pomskies are also common. Their ears are generally erect with their tail curled over.

Temperament. The temperament of Pomskies are a mixture of their parents. But generally, these dogs are intelligent, outgoing, playful and energetic. While Pomeranians are known as barker and the Huskies are the exact opposite, Pomskies are somewhere in the middle. They are also great for families with children. I have a friend who has two small children. They own a two-year old Pomsky which they allow to play with their children. And they have no problem with it.

Shedding. Pomskies are low shedders, normally blowing their coats during summer. You can help manage shedding with regular brushing.

Exercise. As Pomskies are generally lively dogs, they need plenty of daily exercise. You can let them play in your yard or take them for a daily walk.

Training. How your Pomsky will behave as it matures depends on its training while it is still growing up. It is important to train it to socialize with other pets and members of your household if you like it to fit in.

Cost. In the US, the cost of Pomsky puppies varies by state, availability and breeder. But on the average, they cost between $1,000 and $1,500. Currently, they are considered to be rare breed and that explains their expensive cost.

Pomskies have very likeable appearance and temperament. They have good physical features and their positive temperament makes them an ideal family pet. However, their main drawback is their expensive cost. And since they are rare, it can also be difficult to find a legitimate seller or breeder of Pomskies. If you are really interested to buy one, you could visit the Pomsky Club of America Website which has a list of registered breeders in the US.

Basic Care Tips for Hedgehogs

I know of people who like exotic pets. In fact, I know of a friend who prefers to have spiders rather than a cat or a dog as pet. One of the popular exotic pets that I know of is a hedgehog. I have a relative who owns one. And I have personally seen these animals and they are really tiny and cute.

It is not very difficult to have hedgehog as pets. They are easy to care for and maintain. But if you are really interested in having a hedgehog for a pet, you should know some of the basic care tips for these animals.

1. Set up hedgehog cages before acquiring one

Before buying a hedgehog or acquiring it from other sources, be sure that you already have everything your pet needs, including a cage with toys, food and water bowls and a litter tray. It is important that your pet’s cage receives the right amount of air. Keep it well-ventilated and place it away from direct sunlight. Hedgehogs are good escape artists. And if you want to keep them in a cage, be sure that the cage has no unsecured openings or an open top where they can go out. Also, include a safety zone in the cage which serves as its hiding place from general activities.

2. Feed your pet with the right food

Hedgehogs are insectivores but they may also eat other foods such as meat, fruits and vegetables. Feed your pet with quality food which can give it the nutritional value it needs. Its diet should be low in fat, high in protein and have at least 15 percent fiber. Fatty foods can make your pet overweight or obese.

Avoid feeding your pet with commercial hedgehog foods as most of the brands contain low quality ingredients that will just make your pet fatter. Best foods for hedgehogs include vegetables, fruits, cooked meat, boiled or scrambled egg, mealworms, wax worms, silk works and crickets.

3. Watch out your pet’s weight

It is important to watch your pet’s weight to determine if it is obese. A healthy hedgehog can weigh between 220 to a little more than 1,000 grams. You could also do a visual inspection at least twice a month to see any signs of obesity. An obese hedgehog normally has ham hocks on the legs and a double-chin. You may also find some fats in the armpits. If your pet has signs of obesity, eliminate all treats and avoid feeding fatty foods.

4. Be attentive to your pet’s needs

A hedgehog needs to be caged in a quiet environment and too much noise can be distressing to them. Also, closely monitor your pet’s behavior. Any abnormalities could mean that it is sick or suffering from certain ailments.

I would recommend reading these helpful tips to my friends and other people out there who are interested in raising hedgehogs as pets. These animals have special needs which need special attention by owners.

Unexplained Bruising: Should I be Worried?

Recently, I have encountered a person who has bruises in different parts of his body as if he was beaten by several people. I could just imagine how painful those bruises are especially that I also have experienced having bruises in the past as a result of petty accidents. But when I asked the person, I was surprised to know that he was already used to having those bruises from time to time. And he told me I was not the only one who got curious about them.

Bruising is very common among children. They normally get it when they play or accidentally bump into something. But I am not really aware about unexplained bruising among adults and even children. So I started to research more about unexplained bruising and its possible implications to the overall health of a person.

What causes unexplained bruising(www.unexplainedbruising.net)?

Bruising happens when tiny blood vessels in the skin are ruptured due to contact with a hard object. Once ruptures, blood coming from the ruptured blood vessels will then flow and accumulate under the skin. This accumulation will cause the skin to turn darker in color. And this is what we know as bruises.

There are many factors behind unexplained bruising in adults. If a person is into any sport that involves physical contact such as rugby or softball, bruising is quite common and it oftentimes goes unnoticed by the person who has it. Some people also get bruises during accidents like when a hard object hits a certain part of their body.

One of the least common causes of unexplained bruising is aging. As a person gets old, the blood vessels walls also become weaker and thinner. The fatty tissues that serve as a padding are also slowly disappearing. This makes a person more prone to bruising.

Moreover, unexplained bruising can also be an indication of a serious disease or health disorder. One of them is leukemia. A person with leukemia can have more bruises when he is hit with the same amount force in the same part of the body compared to a person who has no leukemia. This is because of the inability to the blood to coagulate or clot immediately resulting in more blood escaping from their blood vessels, forming a bruise.

Another possible disorder which is more common among children is the lack of vitamins K and C. But this disorder can be remedied by taking in more of these vitamins through supplements.

Should you be worried?

Unexplained bruising is not something you should be worried about if you are physically involved in sports and other activities where you may accidentally hurt some areas of your body, you can read more about it at www.unexplainedbruising.net. But if your bruising just occurred recently without a reason, it would be good to see your doctor immediately so that your health condition can be checked. You cannot let this condition go without a doctor’s attention. Your doctor can properly diagnose your condition and also recommend appropriate treatment.


How to Deal with Teens who want to have a Tattoo

If you are a parent like me, what will you do if one of your children asks permission from you to have a tattoo? What will your reaction be? Will you automatically say yes or no? This is a situation that could happen to any parent. And this is one of the situations I am preparing myself for.

Over the years, tattoos have become popular not only among adults and boys but also among teenage girls. In fact, side tattoos for girls have been a trending topic in the Internet. And tattoos have become even more acceptable in the society as celebrities and sports personalities have them and display them in public. But should parents allow or not allow their children under 18 to have them? Some parents especially those who also have tattoos may say yes, while most conservative parents will say no.

First and foremost, parents need to know that there are some states which have laws about teenage tattoos. This is an important consideration whether you say yes or no, because you don’t want your teenager to be violating any laws.

Secondly, if your daughter or son asks you about getting a tattoo, the best approach is to stay calm and not to overreact. Overreacting with displeasure or anger will not give you a positive result. Instead, listen to what your teenager has to say. Ask what makes him decide to have a tattoo. Does he or she know the implications of having one like in school or when he or she is applying for work? These questions are just some of the things you need to discuss first. It is important that parents would gain the thoughts of their teen who wants a tattoo. Some teens are motivated by their peers while others just want one simply as an expression of self. And whatever the reason may be, parent should know and understand it.

There should be a two-way communication between teens and parents. After hearing your teen’s side of the story, you should also convey your concerns. Gently explain to your teen the implications of having a tattoo. It is rather a permanent marking which may impact their schooling and their career later on. And there are also health risks involved such as scabbing and skin tear which your teenager surely wants to avoid. Once you have explained your point, it is time for a more serious part of the discussion and that is saying yes or no.

Remember that you should only say yes or no to your teen who wants to have a tattoo after a thorough discussion on the topic. If you immediately say no without discussing your point, there will be a tendency that your teen will rebel and will get it anyways without asking your permission again. And if you ever say yes, your teen should be responsible enough to take the risks involved. Saying yes or no is perhaps one of the most difficult decisions that you will do. But it is something you have to do on your own.