Bichon Poodle as Pet for Children

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My children are really eager to have a dog. And just like many parents, My husband and I are hesitant at first on their request because we were aware of some cases wherein pet dogs attack children. But we also heard from some of our friends that having a dog is such a joy in the family especially with children. Dogs can be their playmates and source of entertainment.

In our desire to grant our children’s request, we researched about a particular breed of dog that is more suitable for families with children (most likely not a big dog). One of the particularly interesting breeds is the Bichon Poodle or more popularly known as Bichon Poo. It is a designer dog with some of the best temperaments and traits.

Bichoon Poos are a small dog, reaching up to about one foot high and weighing up to 16 pounds. They also have a lifespan of up to 15 years, depending on how they are handled or cared for. These dogs are naturally active and intelligent. They also have a lot of energy for playing and exercise. If you have young children as I have, these dogs make a good playmate for them. This is an added benefit of having this kind of dog because they can add physical stimulation with the children through playing.

One of the major concerns of pet lovers when it comes to raising pets is house training. The good news is that you will not experience this kind of problem with Bichon Poos. According to many reviews online, Bichon Poos are among the dogs that are easy to house train. They can also easily adjust to new environments, whether you live in a closed apartment or in a county with a yard. With proper training, a Bichon Poo can grow as a good-natured and well-behaved house dog you would be proud of. Additionally, they have an accommodating and sociable nature which lets them easily fit in with most households. They could easily blend in with a family of small children and with other existing pets like cats.

On the negative side, cute as they are, Bichon Poos do not have the resiliency of cats. Some children get too excited when playing with these dogs such that they tend to be accidentally dropped. Even when dropped from a moderate height, Bichon Poos are prone to bone fractures. They are also susceptible to certain diseases such as Addisons’ disease, liver shunts, and gastric dilatation volvulus which are common health problems of their parents.

If you like to own a Bichon Poo, you must be willing to shell out between $350 and $1,000, depending on your state and the seller. I have learned that it is cheaper to get them from a reputable breeder than from a pet store. Be sure to get them from a trusted source to ensure that they are bred from healthy parents. Moreover, do not expect them to be perfect dogs. They have both positive and negative traits. But when you properly train them, you could develop in themselves most of their positive traits.