Talk about us.

Hi everyone! My name is Jackie Smith. I am originally from Detroit, Michigan. Currently, I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I got married at a very young age. I met my first husband in High School. We were High School sweethearts. It was only natural that we got married and had our first kid when we graduated. A few years later, we had our second kid. The first few years were wonderful. We loved each other and raised our kids together. However, over time, we just grew apart. Our values weren’t the same and we began to lose communication and trust in our relationship. Both of us were having emotional affairs with someone else. We both knew it but we were in denial. We didn’t want to give up the loving relationship and happy family that we once had. However one day, we both realized that we cannot live this way. We were actually hurting ourselves, our kids and each other. Finally, after years of being together, we decided to get a divorce and go our separate ways. It took me a few years to discover myself again and figure out what I really want in a relationship. Then, my prince charming came into my life. I knew how to love again. To have a healthy relationship, one needs to have open communication, trust and to be honest with one another. In addition, my second husband have two kids of his own from a previous marriage. Having step children is a blessing as well.  Sometime, this road can be a tough one since step children need to take time to accept and get to know you. After months of effort to get to know my step children, they finally accepted me as their step mother.

If you are interested, feel free to email me and I would be glad to share my advice with you on how to have a lasting marriage and to develop a good relationship with step children.