Our House



It is sometimes hard to keep watch over a household with so many children that have his or her own agenda about everything. Everyone has their own thinking about things not to mention their proclivity to mischief. Add it all up and you have got yourself a house that is ready to explode.

And then there is my husband, well, I like to say that I have only four children but the way he is inside the house makes me think that there are really five of them. The way the children behaves, or misbehave for that matter, is also the case for him as he participates in the shenanigans that the children makes, sometimes even leading them to it.

Don’t get me wrong as I enjoy every moment of it. I am kind of jealous that I do not get to participate but someone has to put their foot down and manage things, else the house explosion I was talking about earlier will really take place one of these days.

I remember the time I told my husband to install the tap filter, which was supposed to be the best reverse osmosis system available in the country, and which I recently bought from the hardware. It was supposed to ensure water safeness and clarity, and I bought it as some of the children sometimes complain about the “toothpastey” taste of the tap water.

I left it with him thinking everything would be just okay, but when I came home and looked under the sink, it wasn’t there. I asked my husband about it and he led me to the bathroom to show me his craftiness. He installed the filter beneath the shower thinking it was for hot and cold water, and there he was with his big grin waiting for my approval.

After a lengthy discussion about the proper placement of the filter and telling him what it was for, he told me that he made one of my sons search the internet on how to connect it. Which apparently my son did not do and just told his father to put it in the shower and figure it out.

And then there was also the time I was searching for my traveling bags in preparation for an upcoming vacation that we were having, but can’t really seem to find it. Turns out it was under my eldest son’s bed and he was using it as a kind of storage for his Magic: The Gathering tradable cards. It was the best lightweight luggage I ever had and it has been with me for a couple of years already. I did not get mad about it and was in fact a little bit happy as someone appreciated it and put it to good use.

Many more unconventional things have happened in our house and it would take me forever to write everything down. Suffice to say it is still happening today and I think it will never stop ever. But I like it that way.