How to Deal with Teens who want to have a Tattoo

If you are a parent like me, what will you do if one of your children asks permission from you to have a tattoo? What will your reaction be? Will you automatically say yes or no? This is a situation that could happen to any parent. And this is one of the situations I am preparing myself for.

Over the years, tattoos have become popular not only among adults and boys but also among teenage girls. In fact, side tattoos for girls have been a trending topic in the Internet. And tattoos have become even more acceptable in the society as celebrities and sports personalities have them and display them in public. But should parents allow or not allow their children under 18 to have them? Some parents especially those who also have tattoos may say yes, while most conservative parents will say no.

First and foremost, parents need to know that there are some states which have laws about teenage tattoos. This is an important consideration whether you say yes or no, because you don’t want your teenager to be violating any laws.

Secondly, if your daughter or son asks you about getting a tattoo, the best approach is to stay calm and not to overreact. Overreacting with displeasure or anger will not give you a positive result. Instead, listen to what your teenager has to say. Ask what makes him decide to have a tattoo. Does he or she know the implications of having one like in school or when he or she is applying for work? These questions are just some of the things you need to discuss first. It is important that parents would gain the thoughts of their teen who wants a tattoo. Some teens are motivated by their peers while others just want one simply as an expression of self. And whatever the reason may be, parent should know and understand it.

There should be a two-way communication between teens and parents. After hearing your teen’s side of the story, you should also convey your concerns. Gently explain to your teen the implications of having a tattoo. It is rather a permanent marking which may impact their schooling and their career later on. And there are also health risks involved such as scabbing and skin tear which your teenager surely wants to avoid. Once you have explained your point, it is time for a more serious part of the discussion and that is saying yes or no.

Remember that you should only say yes or no to your teen who wants to have a tattoo after a thorough discussion on the topic. If you immediately say no without discussing your point, there will be a tendency that your teen will rebel and will get it anyways without asking your permission again. And if you ever say yes, your teen should be responsible enough to take the risks involved. Saying yes or no is perhaps one of the most difficult decisions that you will do. But it is something you have to do on your own.